Friday, November 11, 2016

Beautiful Boy; Blue Sky

"Move over so I can get in" and my little boy climbed into the hammock with me just as he does in the middle of every night climb into our bed. We snuggled together; I looked up into the trees and saw a beautiful Autumn sky.
A bright spot in dark November.
A warm day after a series of cold ones.
I know which side of those trees is ours. It's clear from this angle. Our branches hang heavy over us, our neighbors side is shaved to the trunk.
We hear the whispering leaves rise and fall around us. Max hugs my neck and climbs over me. The hammock is a toy, a game, a momentary thrill. He tosses, and rolls. He almost falls out. He squeals and hides, and poses for me.
I take a picture of this beautiful boy.

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