Sunday, December 4, 2011

Decorating for Xmas

This has been a busy weekend.

And I still wish we could have fit more in.

But we did get to do a lot of our decorating.

Glittering and painting pine cones we found in the park last weekend.

We picked up the tree and two wreaths.

Put the ornaments on the tree.

And lights up in the house.

We still have the exterior decorating to do. And our pine cone project is left half done and not cleaned up on the table as I write this. Yesterday we spent the day at the RISD holiday sale, selling hats and making friends. We have made significant progress organizing Amira's room and our Studio. Our house feels cozy and warm with Xmas lights and being relatively picked up this Sunday night.


  1. Bonne continuation, de la part de ta cousine;)