Saturday, October 15, 2011

RISD Sale 2011

Today was the RISD 2011 Alumni & Student Sale.

I got off to a rough start, forgetting a few key items, but my neighbor was helpful-and I was able to make do.

This year I really focused on the Crochet hats.

The old fashioned helmet/1920's flapper style was clear to everyone who came by.

I did a couple felted hats. They turned out well, and I think I will expand in this area.

Headbands also made a comeback this year. I sold nearly all of mine, which was fantastic considering there was some steep competition with that product!

My hats did well also!

I plan on updating my etsy site this weekend with the remainder product.

I had a few helpers today too.

Grandma and Amira spent the day with me. Amira took Grandma all around! Grandma and I both were exhausted! Amira has boundless energy. But for being at a fair all day, she was really in good spirits and even helpful. I showed her my old studio, the printing presses, and an old teacher of mine did a silk screen demonstration, which engaged Amira.

And now to bed!

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