Thursday, April 7, 2011

Walk with Gramma in the woods

My mom, me, and Amira went for a walk on the island across from my parent's house last weekend. We were home to celebrate Adrian's 30th Bday(!!!) Adrian was meanwhile competing with my sister in scrabble, there is an ongoing feud resulting from their scrabble games.

The island that we walk on, we walked on many times when I was a kid. My mom used to tell me that "Indian's" were buried there, and I could tell where the graves were from the bumps in the ground. This spooked me quite a bit as a child, and I still get some eerie feelings when we walk through the woods on the island. Twice human bones were found under the road in front of our house when repair work required digging. This did not ease my ghostly feelings. For years the bridge to the island was closed, and we stopped visiting. Then as an adult, it reopened. And the trails are so familiar. And now everytime we go, we see deer. This time we saw a family of 6. But as I walk through one section, I can't help but think of what the past of this area might have been.

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  1. Planning a walk on the island with the girls. How were the trails?

    P.S. Awesome pics as always