Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Girls Weekend

Daddy is away on a conference for the weekend, so it is just Amira and me.
We had no plans at all. I had considered the zoo, but the weather was a little chilly. Then I thought about drawing, and taped down some paper for the two of us.

Amira found the tape the best part. All sorts of the things in the studio are now covered in blue tape. She even taped herself. All of our play in the studio sent me in an unexpected direction as well.

With Amira content occupying herself with painters tape, I decided to do some projects as well. First it was painting a rocking chair we picked up. But then I decided the studio was not using space effectively. So I rearranged the whole space. Put up shelves. Created a drawbridge type structure to store our paper. I hope Adrian likes it when her get home...
A weekend with no plans, short naps, an upset stomach before bed (for Amira), and without my right hand (Adrian), turned out to be surprisingly relaxing and productive . Now I am showered (can't imagine fitting that in before work tomorrow with Adrian gone) with a bowel of popcorn and a little wine, ready for bed.

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